theirgoldenboy: (This weight on my shoulders)
Most people don't really realize that the ultimate judges of our actions are, always, our children.
theirgoldenboy: (Looking down (cap: Danvers))
Father... what were you thinking, leaving the deeds most momentous in your life without a word in writing or your closest soul to witness?
theirgoldenboy: (Four of us)
Tyler's suggestion on how to start that Christmas vacation off was literally snatching bliss from the jaws of disaster, and there weren't words enough for how grateful Caleb was that they were them and it worked out.
theirgoldenboy: (The brightest smile)
Sometimes, I've no wish to take my eyes away.
theirgoldenboy: (Secrets (cap))
The things he'd most prefer to forget are ones that keep reasserting themselves on his awareness, will he, nill he - nobody's fault, not even his, some of them.
theirgoldenboy: (Secrets (cap))
Vicious circle.
theirgoldenboy: (Smile!)
Caleb didn't recover the magic from the sadness that started when he was ten until the Christmas when his goddaughter reminded them all just what it all meant.
theirgoldenboy: (Oh yeah? smile)
There's no present better than real joy, sparkling in eyes, ringing in laughter - not at Christmas time, nor at any other.
theirgoldenboy: (The brightest smile)
A very traditional excuse, and probably for the best that nobody thought to get any for the house on the Vineyard.
theirgoldenboy: (Looking down (cap: Danvers))
There are people who seem to have lost the ability to appreciate how special a celebration for a very small number like two can be.
theirgoldenboy: (Looking down (cap: Danvers))
He felt like a lampoon, not letting go, he felt like a failure, he felt like he had given up on Pogue, he felt like there was no way out of it, back or forth or sideways, he felt like he had let go way too soon, and he had to spend a very long time curled up in the front seat of the car, head against the wheel, before his sight cleared and steadied enough for anything resembling his promise for safe driving to be possible.
theirgoldenboy: (This weight on my shoulders)
There never have been, as far as he can recall, any angel figurines in the house.
theirgoldenboy: (Pogue: Mine. For  me.)
Pogue's unexpected gesture would have delighted Caleb any time, but right then it got his eyes wide and soft, his heart swelling with actual hope, and, as he drifted off with the sound of the blond's muffled grin caressing his memory, for a moment he thought that maybe, one day, he might be able to relax the grip on what he had locked up inside without drowning them both.
theirgoldenboy: (Intrigued)
Such a delicious form of cheating - no matter how fragile, no decorations were lost after he turned thirteen, even if he happened to drop them!
theirgoldenboy: (Smile!)
Caleb personally made sure that Isabel had a proper, red, huge Christmas stocking, just like a responsible godfather should!

ooc: Have some fracking fluff? *sighs*
theirgoldenboy: (Pogue: Mine. For  me.)
Caleb wanted to run and hide in the deepest, most miserable hole, unworthy to make his friends have to deal with him, but one look at Pogue's face, the set of his shoulders, let him know that if he didn't at least try to fix this... nobody would manage it.


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