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A/N: After this conversation with Chase.

It had been a long time, Caleb realized as his muscles still seemed to be twinging in the shower, since he'd last done this kind of swimming - back and forth, laps past good training practices and till his lungs burned and he couldn't propel himself any further.
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After this. If anyone wants to call him/run into them later that evening, feel free to tag, etc.

Cutting for length. But it's nice? )
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On the way back. )
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Fuck you, you fucking fuck! Damn.

ooc: Ginny plotline, and because Chase is a nasty, complicated, moronic... thing.
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Right. Just for our own sakes' reference, and for anybody who wants to follow/join in this, here it goes. For now, the dramatis personae are: Chase - [profile] broken_circles. Ginny - [profile] lilginnygirl. Caleb - this one. Pogue - [profile] lieutenantwitch. Sarah is [profile] astrayinadream.

It all started with this three-parter fic: Part I, Part II, and Part III, set in the next schoolyear after the events of the movie, where Chase tries the senior year thing again.

And then Chase and Ginny ran across each other again, around two years later. Link with that story will go here.

That encounter resulted in Ginny getting pregnant. Which she informed Chase of by leaving him a voicemail message from a public payphone. Probably around very early August.

A few days later, he wound up back in Ipswich. And he talked with Caleb. And then he asked the boys to help him find somebody. to which Caleb reacted with wanting more information, which Chase refused.

And then Caleb figured it out. After which he needed a tiny bit of time with Pogue.

He called and got an OK from Ginny to come visit her, because this all wasn't for the phone. Before which he talked with Chase again, where things got additionally clarified and confused.

After which Pogue and Caleb went to visit Ginny. And took another, longer time out on the way back.

On the next day (Wednesday), he talked with Chase again, telling him about that, sort of.

The Friday, the conversations between Caleb and Chase actually seem to be getting somewhere; and then Ginny calls for that meeting. Which really didn't go well. And then a bit of talk on the way back.

Then Caleb brought Sarah up to date. Warning: This thread has taken a decidedly NSFW turn.

Next day, early morning, he set off to pick up Pogue from Ginny's. And later, Caleb and Pogue talked with Chase. After which Caleb took the evening off. Really.

And later Pogue had a reaction to it all, where he talked both with Sarah and with Caleb.

Caleb sent to Ginny Chase's letter. And her phone, so Ginny and Chase talked some.

Chase had commentary on the boys starting fun without him, where he talked with Caleb, with (a) Tyler, and briefly with Sarah. Who then talked with both Pogue and Caleb.

And then Caleb had a conversation with Ginny.

Revelations from the past - some of what Caleb finds out about Chase's family and somewhat more is revealed when Caleb makes a visit to Chase on-campus.
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Taking from this, and the night before this. This happens on the Friday that follows.

In which Caleb and Pogue talk some things out, and stuff is made better. No, not really THAT way. )
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For player information only. Also, additionally, Ginny showed up in Ipswich the summer after they graduated from Spenser / before they started college. If you want more information, contact me or Pogue's/Chase's mun. If your muse wants in, feel free to tag to applicable posts on sws.

Before this.

Chase. Pogue. )


After this.
Pogue. )


Chase; Ginny. )
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Pogue? Reid? Tyler? There's... new information.

ooc: For more information: this, this, and this. And after this.


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