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ooc: This applies to the Yay girls and Divergence 'verses (as it happens before they split, unless otherwise later discussed with Sarah's mun). It refers to RP events (described in the log) where Ginny is [profile] lilginnygirl and Chase is [profile] broken_circles. Warning: suicide attempt discussed/referred to. Disturbing.
Should Sarah's mun be willing to thread, Caleb would like to talk with her about it.

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Caleb was coming down the big staircase when Will half-burst, half-stumbled into the main lobby, the pale hair of Ash catching against the fabric of his shirt as he clutched the younger boy to him, one arm around his shoulders and the other under his knees. Reid's son looked even paler than usual; actually, both kids did. The teenager's voice was too much gasping and panting for the call to be too loud.

Caleb frowned, but, but picked up the call before bounding down the stairs to get to them. "Chase!" A few heartbeats, and he was in front of them, large arms reaching to relieve Will of his friend. What happened? )
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Father... what were you thinking, leaving the deeds most momentous in your life without a word in writing or your closest soul to witness?
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Caleb didn't recover the magic from the sadness that started when he was ten until the Christmas when his goddaughter reminded them all just what it all meant.
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Nobody would be able to pull Caleb's beard off, when he ... dressed up as Santa!
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Caleb personally made sure that Isabel had a proper, red, huge Christmas stocking, just like a responsible godfather should!

ooc: Have some fracking fluff? *sighs*
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It was a pretty safe bet that, if somebody had seen Caleb and Chase in that barn, and then got to see them next trying to make the perfect snowman for Isabel, that person would completely disbelieve they were the same individuals.
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Caleb watched snow melt from Pogue and the slender girl sitting practically in his arms by the fireplace, watched them shift closer together unselfconsciously, and smiled at the heat on his friend's cheeks that he suspected was not entirely caused by the proximity of the open flames.
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Caleb didn't know in full why he decided to let Chase have another chance - but as he did, he couldn't do it halfway, and so the older boy got as much support, in any way, as he could manage to give.
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He rediscovered the love he'd once held for his home as he feasted his eyes on Sarah's marvel at the transformation for celebration, when his mother's mourning was set aside for the celebration of life in the middle of winter.
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Evelyn kept using the word 'lovely', but in Caleb's opinion Sarah was nothing short of stunning, closer to surreal, in that blue satin gown, her eyes glittering in the candlelight and her pale golden hair spilling over the smooth fabric.
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Sometimes, he could be content just running his fingers down one of those long blond strands, tips trailing the soft skin of the cheek lightly until the motion took them further down and away, over and over again.
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This applies to this journal and [personal profile] letsdropin; the Pogue relevant is [profile] lieutenantwitch and Chase is [profile] broken_circles. Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy. Ginny is [profile] lilginnygirl.

Girls YAY (This name is subject to change): Currently default 'verse. Pogue and Kate split up around spring break of their senior year in high school; Caleb and Sarah's relationship persevered. Chase and Ginny had both meetings, dating during high school senior year, and later towards the end of junior year at Brown, the additional meeting during which Ginny gets pregnant. Isabel is born. Reid goes to medical school; meets Alya there. A year later, Chase goes to the same medical school, and they end up roommates. Pogue, in Ipswich, opens up his garage; Irene ([profile] shecan_fix_that) starts working there; eventually they date. Tyler goes to a graduate degree in something literary, then returns to teach at Spenser. Dates a guy for about three years; then that guy just... leaves. After that, Beatrice (Bea) reappears in his life.
Who with whom? Well, in this 'verse, Caleb and Pogue never have sex. Reid and Pogue do; as well as (unless playing with another Tyler) Reid and Tyler.

As in all 'verses, when any of the boys are dating (and/or married), the rest of the boys, no touchee. Chase being occasionally an exception to that, until he gets the hang of it.

Divergence: This is a branch from the above 'verse. When Isabel is born, Chse does something incredibly stupid (to himself) in front of Ginny and Caleb; in the aftershock (and watch), Caleb does something also stupid, together with Chase. Then he was even more of an idiot about it. In the end, even though there were no repeat offenses, Sarah decides that there were things that not even Caleb Danvers is worth putting up with, and ends it. Caleb takes months to recover from that, in the meanwhile the boys making acquaintance with Dee ([profile] ihasataser), who slowly develops a crush on him that'll last years. Caleb, on the other hand, decides to act on the other love he betrayed with Chase; however, Pogue is at the time (first semester of senior year at Harvard) very settled in being single and not up to being in a relationship. That alone freaks Caleb out, and then the second blow of being rejected, washes over him, the backlash upsetting Pogue in turn. For a while, the boys are upset enough to almost seem to be falling apart (Chase blaming himself for it, too, oops); however, they do pull together, by degrees starting to cope with the upset and owing to Tyler's idea for a get-away. Then the events follow the ones in girls YAY 'verse, minus Sarah, until about a month after Pogue and Irene hook up. There's weird kissing and pot, and in the end, out of one couple and two singles, Pogue, Irene, Caleb, and Dee emerge as a more-or-less foursome.
And the world doesn't even end.

Pile o' puppies: Pogue and Kate split up around spring break of their senior year in high school. Caleb and Sarah break up sometime during freshman year at Harvard. Somewhat later, when they're back at home, Caleb walks in on Reid and Pogue; shortly after that, Pogue-and-Caleb begins. Reid and Tyler fool around the way they often do. Reid and Caleb figure out their differences, mostly by Reid crawling into Caleb's lap and kissing him, a bit out of the blue for the older boy. Second semester of senior year at Harvard, Tyler walks in on them kissing a lot and kind of runs away; Pogue decides it's the perfect time to return the walking-in on Caleb. Foursome ensues. Later, Caleb and Pogue are more and more couply; Tyler and Reid go to grad school together/very close. Eventually steadying - but not as a couple, but a threesome with a girl. Which proves surprisingly stable.

Cliffs of Insanity: Pogue and Kate split up around spring break of their senior year in high school. Caleb and Sarah break up sometime during freshman year at Harvard. Caleb and Pogue hook up. ... and then Kate changes her mind, about their junior year at Harvard. Grows up, comes back to Pogue. Caleb steps back, after about two years together with Pogue. Not very happy. They graduate; Pogue and Kate return to Ipswich; Caleb, Reid, and Tyler scatter around grad schools (kind of; Reid and Tyler actually go to the same one). ... Caleb running into Chase. No, they don't have a smack-down trying to kill each other; Chase has had his first run-in with Ginny and is changed, somewhat. Caleb's free-falling, in a way. Things go through getting stoned together and ... more. Until they're basically dating. Oops. The rocky relationship evens out some when they adopt one of Chase's patients, Mary; or maybe it's also due to the fact that Caleb is Caleb and he doesn't commit halfway.
Things are always on the edge, in this 'verse. There can be, and is, happiness, but the danger of things tipping over the cliff and spinning away into destruction or insanity is always there.
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Reid is [personal profile] letsdropin and not binding to any others, unless they'd wish it so. Pogue mentioned is [profile] lieutenantwitch.

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