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Tyler's suggestion on how to start that Christmas vacation off was literally snatching bliss from the jaws of disaster, and there weren't words enough for how grateful Caleb was that they were them and it worked out.
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It had been generally thought that Caleb's present for Pogue's eighteenth birthday was over the top. Maybe it was? But Caleb could afford it; and he thought it had been just right. For all the residual fear that it might happen again, Pogue without a bike just didn't feel right. And nothing other than what the blond had chosen for himself would do.

That had been three years ago. There had been no further accidents, and plenty enough people were glad about that. Not surprised, because it was Pogue, and while at times he could be a hothead, he also tended to know what he was doing well. Not in the least because he knew that taking care of himself was a very important part of taking care of the rest of them.

This year, as the two years previous, the day came while they were at Harvard. A day of classes, really, with more on the next day, so they couldn't exactly go to the all-out celebration that night... well, not unless it just happened that way. (There would be time together, the two of them or four of them at the very least, though. It was Pogue's day - he would decide how and what.)

That didn't mean that when he woke up, there wouldn't be a packet waiting for him. Not quite ribbon-wrapped, but it would be hard to mistake it for anything other than what it was.

Inside, there was a plush robe. And a watch. And, just because he knew exactly how little Pogue liked dressing up, a pair of cufflinks.

That would probably be good enough to keep him occupied until he got to see Reid in the apartment-common area and encounter his present...
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"Nobody can judge an internal injury by the size of the superficial wound, of the hole."
-Salman Rushdie

A/N: Another fic of doom! Even more so since it's set in the crazy (and not in the good way) 'verse Cliffs of Insanity. Generally, not too fun time; read with 'disturbing content inside' advisement. Partly co-written with [profile] broken_circles. Reid is [personal profile] letsdropin

The TV was on because Mary had been watching it before they left; mute, because Chase had turned the sound down to say 'bye. )
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Reid is [personal profile] letsdropin and not binding to any others, unless they'd wish it so. Pogue mentioned is [profile] lieutenantwitch.

What's WRONG with you? )
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He couldn't find Chase, among the flames.

It didn't matter. He could see Sarah. Sarah, whom Chase had come this close to killing. So close, really, that if Caleb didn't reach her and take her out now, he would succeed.

It was a balance. The flames were feeding his power and drying out his body, choking down his lungs. But he could heal himself enough to deal with that.

And then they were out in the rain, and she was alive, and it would be alright. The world was aglow, patterns and swirls and power lines all around him. The rain. The storm. Her beating heart. The houses he could not see; the towns that his mind knew were there. The people in them.

Power and rain. Exhilaration.

Pain. )
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The future is not set.
I've been told I said that once.
Many years from now.
It was a warning.
That I was going to hell.
But if I fought hard enough, I could escape.
I believed it for a lifetime. -John Connor

Cutting for length. And backstory; age 14. )


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