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This was taking longer than it should have. Longer than they'd expected; they really had not meant to be both away by now.

Caleb was starting to really feel impatient; the only reason he hadn't lashed out at somebody was that something like that would just set things back again, and thing were finally looking like they'd be done tomorrow, and he just didn't want to ruin that.

Because tomorrow was Dee's birthday, and damned if he was going to do something on purpose to miss that.

It was when he was staring at the display of the window shop that Pogue touched his shoulder, an understanding smile on his lips. "You can just get what you're considering and go home, you know?"

"But we're not..."

"I can wrap things up here and catch up with you wild kids tomorrow." The tease got the brown eyes to fully turn to his; Pogue's were almost completely blue, and for all the tinge of amusement, warm and solicitous, too.

"You sure?"

"I'm positive."

Caleb stepped closer, arms going around his best friend (because it was more that than lover ... possibly, that suggested the gesture) in a tight hug, proximity concealing just how intimate so as not to create additional delay be setting up a scene in the middle of the street; as they were pulling away, his lips brushed gently, unobtrusively along the corner of the blond's chin. "Thanks, man."

"Anytime." He shouldn't have worried about the curtailed tenderness being misunderstood; after all, Pogue rarely did. "Save me a piece of the cake, alright?"

Caleb chuckled. "Of course. Hopefully you'll get back in time to see her blow the candles, right?"

"Well, yes. But just in case."


There were still details to be finished before he could leave; it was in the small hours when he unlocked the door of house the four of them shared now and let himself in. He wasn't even halfway across the hall when a blond head of sleepy hair poked out of the kitchen, followed, after a relived, "oh" by the rest of Irene, complete with a glass of milk. "You're back early."

"Not nearly early enough." She snorted softly and turned to flip off the light in the kitchen. "Pogue stayed to finish the stuff for tomorrow, he'll be back..."

"Okay." But a bit of tension had left her shoulders with the mild reassurance that things were well. She stepped past him, catching his non-suitcase-holding hand. "Come on up. She'll be happy with the surprise."

"I hope so." Yeah, the welcome-home kiss. Routinely occurring between any parties when somebody came home. (Meaning, him coming home would likely result in at least a kiss with Irene, a kiss with Dee, and a kiss between Irene and Dee. And even more kisses in all combinations when Pogue returned tomorrow.)

... when he straightened up, the shorter, darker-haired figure of his other girlfriend was standing on the top of the stairs. "Hey. Saved any of that for me?"

"Alwa-- ys." By which time she'd skipped down the stairs and bounded onto him; the suitcase handle was willingly let go of so he could catch her in both arms.

And then, of course, more kissing happened. Both Dee and Irene were grinning a lot by the end of that.

"And I've got something better, too." He dipped down only to dig out the rather large box of Payard's truffles selection. "Not that it's all of your present, but... happy birthday."

There had been a soft ooh when she saw what it was, but then her eyes twinkled up at him. "Oh, so you're getting me irresistible chocolate and I'll get all fat and..."

"Mmm." He knew it was teasing, but he interrupted before it got too far, anyway. "I think I can come up with other irresistible things which will help you burn it out completely."

"Oh, really."

"Yes. I believe so."

Irene was barely suppressing her giggles.

That was fine.

It was going to be a good birthday. They'd all make sure of it.


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