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1. Queasy

Too many things he'd caused and seen that year would make him queasy when merely thinking about them for the rest of his life - red spreading out over the hospital room floor, her face as he was trying to explain or begging her to stay, the way Pogue's words sounded in the sudden hollow of his soul, to name the top three.

2. Quiet

The house was large and quiet, and the little boy learned soon enough that it was actually more scary to tread the whole way to his parents' bedroom at the other end of the almost-cluttered hallways than stay in his room and deal with nightmares on his own.

3. Quick

Nobody ever tells you that when trouble comes, it strikes hard and quick and all over the place at the same time.

4. Quality

The Sons of Ipswich are the kind of guys that fully live up to the best of the whole 'old money' image - effortlessly and fascinatingly.

5. Question

Surprisingly, the greatest questions in his life never came in words.

6. Quirky

The girl across from Caleb at the freshman party never got a clue, from his smile and smooth conversation, just how deeply her chatter about her quirky, 'impossible' old man was hurting him.

7. Quaint

Dee's exasperated face at how bad he was on a club dancefloor was oddly balanced by the quiet 'how quaint' and the smile as his certain steps twirled her in a perfect waltz only weeks later.

8. Queer

Caleb's unfeigned amusement at any of them called that, at any time, was among the myriad ways in he managed effortlessly to baffle people.

9. Quest

He'd started before he knew about that, but he supposed that his quest to help Chase recover to a person who could truly and justifiably believe he was worthy of being loved could be written off as one more way to show that he was different from his father.

10. Quote

Their children's (that was the children of any one of them) attention could sometimes be held by the most astonishing games - like a contest between Caleb and Tyler where one would say a quote of some historical person or author and the other was to answer, correctly, who had said it first.


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